I’m back!

I’ve had quite a few emails over the years from people asking if I’d ever return and I didn’t have an answer until now. After nearly 5 years away from this topic and site, I have decided to return. A lot has changed in the off-grid landscape and I’m happy to report that I cannot wait to start writing again. There are so many different technologies, materials and projects that have come and gone in the last five years. Although I no longer have an offgrid build of my own right now, I’m searching for a lot and working towards the goal of a sustinable off-grid build in todays modern world.

A lot of communities, websites, YouTube channels and more have sprung up in the time I have been gone that focus on off-grid related topics, including sustainable living, prepper sites, outdoors, self-reliance, primitive technology and more. I’d like to focus more on the build stage of the off-grid build and provide useful information around the topics of power, water, building materials and anything else relevant to an offgrid build.

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